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Dear investors, today, we are going to examine another project that offers solid returns on your investments. It’s a project that comes with 3 plans and up to 2% daily. Let’s take a more in-depth look.


According to the legend, Intel Bot Investments Limited Company (officially registered company in the UK) or simply profits through a program created by the developers with the introduction of artificial intelligence. This tool analyzes information about the investments available in the network, predicting the outcome of each financial instrument. Minimizing risks, Bot Company invests in various fields, thus obtaining an impressive profit.

Key features

  • Start: 04.03.19
  • Security: Verif. PM, SSL, DDoS
  • Plans: 1.5% daily for 180 days, 1.8% daily for 180 days, 2% daily for 180 days.
  • Min deposit: 10$, max deposit 10000$.
  • Withdrawals: manual.
  • There are some unique options, like a loan for investments. You can pay only 20% of the required investment at once.
The Botton Line/ Our Thoughts is a hyip project that comes with 3 plans with the possibility to earn up to 2% daily. The project gives you a 10-usd deposit as a gift, but you need to make an investment.

Plus, we also give you a 3% of your deposit as a refback if you sign up using this link. Sign up and claim your refback to earn even more.

We have decided to test it with a 10-usd deposit. They gave us another 10-usd deposit as a gift as promised.

What about you, will you dare to try this hyip? If yes, don’t forget to claim your refback!

and the second withdrawal

Update: the project pays all the time – we’ve got a 100% income.

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