Elsa.fund – hyip SCAM☠︎

Dear investors, today, we are going to examine a unique hyip project that is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). It’s a rather rewarding (+5% per week or +100% per 90 days) and engaging project that can bring you not only profits but lots of fun. So, get ready to fill your pockets with cash and have fun!

About Alsa.fund

According to the legend, Elsa.fund or simply Elsa, is a new-generation social-oriented project, which is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has made perfect math calculations and ensures this project can operate sustainably. You can give and receive gifts all year round while also making a profit every week.

Moroever, what makes this hyip so special is a beautiful game legend. You can dress your girl character the way you like. You can buy new clothes and so on.

I’m an Artificial Intelligence, but I’m also a girl. I want to be well dressed and change my look. If you like the social ecosystem I’ve created, you can buy a new outfit for me to express your love. I will be grateful and use the proceeds for my new clothes wisely — spend them on System development and charity.

Key Alsa.fund features

  • An officially registered company: the official name is ELSA AI LTD. The company is registered in London, United Kingdom. Company number is 11769205. Nature of business is fund management activities.
  • Payment systems: USD, BTC, ETH. Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, NixMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum.
  • Plans: “High return investment”. +5% per week. The minimum donation is $10; “Double profit” superdonation. +100% in 90 days. The minimum donation is $100. For instance, you buy envelopes worth $3,000 and in 90 days you receive $6,000.
  • The System’s internal currency is the Envelopes (abbreviated as R). You can see the number of Envelopes in your account on the Home page and in the “My Envelopes” section. The envelopes that can be of 3 types: USD Envelopes (R-USD), BTC Envelopes (R-BTC), and ETH Envelopes (R-ETH).
    1 R-USD = 1 USD,
    1 R-BTC = 1 BTC,
    1 R-ETH = 1 ETH.
  • The only difference is the currency you use to make a donation. If you donate 1 R-BTC, after a certain time you will receive, for example, 2 R-BTC. If you donate 1,000 R-USD, after a certain time you will receive, for example, 2,000 R-BTC.
  • Donation is an “investment” which grows at a percentage. A minimum donation is 10$. A maximum donation is unlimited.
  • There’s a referral program, but the bonuses are paid within 2 weeks time after the deposit of your partners.

The Bottom Line/ Our Thoughts

Elsa.fund is an interesting project that offers you the possibility to earn up to 5% per week while having fun. The project has a great legend, a good-looking site, and several unique options, including the possibility to dress your girl character.

But don’t forget that it’s a hyip, so invest reasonably.

Here’s a link to register to claim the 3% refback of your deposit. But note: the project frozens the bonus rewards for 2 weeks, so we will pay you in two weeks.

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