Dubai’s Regulatory Authority Raises Concerns Over Global Crypto Regulations


Dubai’s progressive financial regulatory authority has drawn attention to the risks associated with global regulatory gaps in the cryptocurrency industry. While cryptocurrencies gain widespread attention and adoption, concerns have emerged regarding the lack of consistent oversight and a comprehensive legal framework across jurisdictions. Elisabeth Wallace, representing Dubai’s financial regulatory authority, stressed the importance of updating rules governing various crypto tokens to prevent exploitation by “bad actors.”

Recognizing the potential for technological advancement and financial inclusion that cryptocurrencies offer, the regulatory authority emphasized the urgent need to establish updated regulations. To address the global nature of cryptocurrencies, Dubai’s regulatory authority advocates for international collaboration and coordination among regulatory bodies worldwide. This unified approach is crucial due to the cross-border operations of numerous crypto businesses. Dubai and Hong Kong have positioned themselves as potential global hubs for cryptocurrencies, competing to attract capital investments in this emerging sector.

However, the regulatory landscape in the United States has become more stringent following the downfall of the digital asset exchange FTX and a significant market crash in 2017. Against this backdrop, Dubai’s regulatory authority emphasizes the urgency of establishing a comprehensive framework to promote responsible innovation, protect investor interests, and address potential risks associated with cryptocurrencies consistently.

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