– real IT company with great investment opportunities

Hi! Today, we are going to talk about the real investment project – It’s not a hyip, it’s a real working company that invites you to join it to earn together. So, let’s have a more in-depth look.

Maya Group


Maya Group is a software startup investment and development company. It’s a real company that has been in the advertising market for more than two years. It’s based in Montenegro, Bar city. The company’s mission is to expand your business and provide you with reliable and powerful software solutions. The main specialization is the development of complex web services using the most modern technologies in the area of programming and design.

Key Features:

  • It’s a real company with the real shares, where your shares will work perpetually. The company gives 10% of its income to its shareholders and devided accoding to your shares. Typically, your income would be 5–9% per month.
MAYA Shares
  • You can sell your shares anytime.
  • There are different variants to earn within this portal. You can do a lot of various simple tasks to earn money:

1. The implementation of advertising banners

2. Implementation of investment rates PostingBlues.

3. Implementation of VIP packages LikesRock.

4. 50% of the implementation of advertising packages in PostingBlues.

5. 50% of earnings on services through the implementation of various tasks in the service LikesRock.

  • The project supports different payment options:
  • Today, Maya Group has 766,002 users.

The Bottom Line / Our Thoughts

Maya Group is a real-life IT company, whose activities are confirmed both in practice and legally. Its PostingBlues and LikesRock services have been known for a long time and are used by many online users. Regarding investment income, 5–9% per month is a very good indicator when compared to bank deposits, for instance. Besides, unlike hyips, Maya Group doesn’t take your deposit and just disappear; instead, you may sell your shares anytime you want and get your money back.

Finally, the project continues to grow and develop constantly, so it is quite possible that the income of investors will only grow.

Register by using this link and don’t forget to claim your refback which is worth 3% of your deposit.

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