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Do not invest, the hyip stops paying!!!!

Dear investors, we’ve got another interesting project to check. It’s a project that has been a long in the shadow and now it’s going global. It comes with some plans, with the chance to earn up to 4.7% daily.

About Coinanza

According to the legend, Coinanza or «Anza» Corp is a company born out of passion and love for its work. «Anza» Corp was created not as a business project, but as a matter of pleasure. We had to go a long and thorny path until the moment when we were able to officially declare ourselves to the whole world. Five years ago we could not imagine that we would be so far away. Now we are a big company with 7,450,000$ cash flow, 1,622 satisfied customers, 421 partners. We can boast of paying profits to investors in the amount of more than 2,147,000$.

Key features about

  • Start: 05.11.16 \Real start online: 06.02.19
  • Investment plans: there are only two of them: 3.5% for 40 calendar days and 4.7% for 35 calendar days.
  • Min deposits – 0.005 BTC
  • Maximum deposits – $180,000 per transaction
  • Min withdrawals – 0.001 BTC and are processed manually.
  • Security: SSL – DDOS
  • Script: GC licensed.

The Bottom Line / Our Thoughts is an attractive hyip project that is only on its development stage. The site is carefully thought, the design is unique, and the general impression is pretty positive. The plans can bring you great profits. We recommend the plan for 4.7% daily for 35 calendar days.

P.S. Don’t forget to claim your refback of 3% of your deposit if you register by this link.

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