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Hi there! This is the project we simply cannot passby. This HYIP project is run by an expert admin that previously allowed us to earn pretty much. It began half a year ago, and now it has been rebranded, meaning that it is about to become hot. We are among the first ones to join it until it is not a superstar. So, let’s check it out in details.


According to Active & Finance’s legend, invests in assets with high liquidity, including precious metals, shares of successful and developing companies, real estate, cryptocurrency, and other high-liquid assets.

All these assets belong to different markets, which makes it difficult to analyze them. These markets are significantly changing day by day. Active & Finance employs a number of experts with years of investment experience and practical knowledge in investing.

Key features

  • Start: Aug 10, 2022
  • Officially registered company: 14286839
  • The minimum deposit is US$ 20
  • Plans to choose from: 4: 2.3 % daily for 10 days, and 3 VIP plans.
  • We recommend this one: best plan overview
  • These 3 plans are more risky VIP plans overview
  • All withdrawal operations are manual.
  • The Minimum amount for withdrawals amount varies. For Bitcoin (minimum/maximum withdrawal) – min – 10$, Ethereum, BNB, Litecoin (minimum/maximum withdrawal) – min. – $5. For Tether ERC20, Tether TRC20, Tether BEP20, Tron, ePayCore – min – $1.

The Bottom Line/Our Thoughts is a promising HYIP project that is powered by an expert admin that allowed us to earn a lot previously. So, let’s hope this project is not an exception. Since we see that its advertising campaign has not even started, we are definitely among the first ones to join it. That being said, it is likely to work dozens of cycles. Use this link to register, make a deposit and claim 3% as a refback. Chers!

Our investment: 500 usdt in total

Withdrawal history

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