Raffy.ai – HYIP SCAM,Do not invest

Hi there! Today, we are examining a brand new HYIP that promises absolutely outstanding profits, up to 10% daily. Not bad, ha? Let’s check it out.

About Raffy.ai

According to the legend, Raffy.ai is a completely legal global financial services firm that specializes in investing activities such as trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges by certified professional traders.

Raffy.ai, also known as Raffy.ai limited is licensed to engage in various investment activities and to develop their custom software solutions.

Registered No.: 13652494

Raffy.ai office: Basingstoke, England.

Key Raffy.ai features

  • Start: 2021-10-13.
  • Plans: 3 on offer, from 5 to 10% daily.
  • The minimum withdrawal is $1.00 for PerfectMoney and $5.00 for all other cryptos. The duration of the withdrawals is 12 hours. Always done before that.

The Bottom Line/Our Thoughts

All in all, Raffy.ai makes a great earning possibility if you join it today. It is a recently new HYIP that has a good-looking site, great plans, and its advertising campaigns have just started. We are among the first to enter it. Use this link to sign up, make a deposit and claim your 3% back. Cheers!

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