Mixyou.biz- HYIP SCAM

Admin stopped paying, do not invest!!!

Hi there! We’ve got a third project from an expert admin that allowed us to quadruple our investments. (mizes.biz and vixes.biz) Hope this one is no exception.

About Mixyou.biz

According to the legend, MixYou was created by crypto enthusiasts who believed in the future of cryptocurrencies. After extensive work in this field, a number of crypto miners in New York teamed up to create a competitive company that would provide everyone with favorable conditions for mining. The successful geographical location of the company and New York’s economy have created favorable conditions for creating a mining farm in this country. Today Mixyou is one of the market leaders in cryptocurrency mining who ready to provide its mining power for cryptocurrency mining to everyone.

Key Mixyou.biz features:

  • You can use the next payment systems to replenish the balance of available funds as well as to withdraw profits from MixYou: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Digibyte, Litecoin, Syscoin, Verge, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Payeer.
  • MixYou marketing is designed using levels. The greater the amount of power purchased by the user the higher his level. Profitability directly depends on the received level. If initially, the user receives 1% per day, then with an increase in available mining power profitability can grow up to 3% per day.
  • MixYou accepts deposits of the amount from 0.001 Bitcoin, 0.015 Bitcoin Cash, 0.02 Bitcoin SV, 500 Digibyte, 0.1 Litecoin, 200 Syscoin, 1500 Verge, 1000 Dogecoin, 0.03 Ethereum, 0.5 Ethereum Classic, Dollar 1 USD.
  • Profit withdrawal is available upon reaching the following values on the user’s balance: 0.001 Bitcoin, 0.015 Bitcoin Cash, 0.02 Bitcoin SV, 1000 Digibyte, 0.1 Litecoin, 300 Syscoin, 2500 Verge, 1500 Dogecoin, 0.03 Ethereum, 0.5 Ethereum Classic, 1 USD.

How to get started on Mix You Cloud Mining?

  1. To get started, sign up using this link.
  2. Log into your personal account and visit the “Balance” section. In this section select the payment system that you want to use for replenishment, enter the amount, and confirm your choice. Detailed information about replenishing the balance is in the “For beginners” section.

3. Purchase the power. MixYou has set the minimum amount of power that can be purchased. The minimum power purchase for the SHA-256 algorithm is 500 GH/s, for the SCRYPT algorithm – 50 MH/s, for the ETHASH algorithm – 10 MH/s. So, choose which amount you are willing to invest.

Important: After purchasing the power for mining, you need to enter the “Mining” section and activate the operation of your equipment. To do this enter the “Mining” section, select the algorithm for which you purchased power units, and use the slider to set the percentage of mining of the cryptocurrency you need.

You have 100% power that you can use both for the mining of a certain cryptocurrency and distribute them between several cryptocurrencies within the same algorithm.

The Bottom Line/Our Thoughts

Mix You is a rewarding HYIP project that is run by an expert admin. Since it has a decent technical side, good marketing, and expert administration and it was launched only on 22 January 2021, it promises pretty great investment options. Our investment is 5000 doge and 0.1 btc.

Use this link to sign up, make a deposit and claim 3% of your deposit back. Don’t forget to activate the operation of your equipment! Cheers!

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