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Hello! This hyip comes with some exciting deposit features, such as anytime reclaim, compounding, and generous %.

About or Bitero Limited is a company that offers its clients a stake in a professionally managed and diversified investment portfolio. This portfolio is assembled by investing in four fields: Forex Markets, Bitcoin Mining, Venture Capital, and the Digital Exchange.

Bitero is a legally registered and legitimate company, registered at the Companies House of United Kingdom. Company number: 12837743.

Key features

  • 1 Plan on offer. Your profit will depend on the size of your investment. You will receive a 2.0% profit on business days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and 1.0% on weekends (Saturday Sunday).
  • The smallest amount of possible deposit is 0.005 BTC per transaction.
  • The Bitero investment cycle is 30 days long, starting from the moment of the deposit activation. After this period, your active deposit will be automatically returned to your Bitero account free of charge, where you will be able to withdraw the funds to a crypto wallet of your choice.
  • You can reclaim your deposit at any time during the 30 days, and the invested sum will be instantly sent back to your Bitero account. Be advised that a premature deposit return has a transaction processing fee of 10%.
  • There’s a compounding option. It is the automatic reinvestment of a certain percentage of your profit. This means that you can choose how much of your daily profit goes to your account, and how much is added to your active deposit. You can set a specific compounding percentage for each of your active deposits separately. The compounding settings can be changed in your deposit details page, right underneath your active deposit ID.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC. The funds will instantly be sent to the wallet you will have specified.

The Botton Line/Our Thoughts is a new hyip project that we encourage you to test out. It has a nice, working marketing, generous payouts, and a compound option. Use this link to sign up, make a deposit, and claim 3% of your deposit back. Cheers!

Our investment: 0.05 BTC.

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