hyip SCAM☠︎

Cheers! This hyip has just started and we are among the first to enter it. It comes with two plans up to 7% daily and instant withdrawals.

About or simply Bitqam is your funds’ management partner specializing in the cryptocurrency and forex trading services. harnesses the true potential of these financial markets through proper market insights and a prude analysis of the market dynamics. helps its investors invest their money in a promising venture and earn respectable profits on a daily basis for the long term.

Bitqam is a cryptocurrency trading company initiated to manage funds in the forex and cryptocurrency markets and transfer profits to the investors respectively. Bitqam is a private limited company based in Lower Edmonton, London, United Kingdom. The company number is 12273867 and Bitqam caters to investors from around the world.

Key features

  • The minimum deposit amount is 0.002 BTC, the maximum you can deposit at one time is 10 BTC Per each deposit, Surely you can make a deposit higher than 10 BTC by several deposits.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.0003 BTC. There is no maximum limit for withdrawal.
  • Your withdrawal is sent Instant after it is requested.
  • There are two investment plans to choose from: 5% daily and 7% daily.

The Botton Line/Our Thoughts

All in all, is a brand new hyip that promises great earnings. Since it has just started, it’s the best time to enter it. Use this link to sign up, make a deposit and claim your 3% refback. But ensure that the 3% refback is equal or more than the minimum amount for withdrawal, which is 0.0003 BTC.

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