hyip SCAM☠︎

Hi there! it’s a fast hyip that promises great ROI. Its previous versions allowed us to get up to 0.5BTC. Let’s hope, that won’t be an exception.

About is a fully automated Bitcoin doubler platform operating with no human intervention, aside from regular server maintenance conducted by the staff. Take full advantage of its fast and legit Bitcoin doubler platform. You will get your Bitcoin doubled in 200 hours.

Key features

  • Easy sign-up and start: your BTC address is your registration token.
  • Minimum investment is 0.001 BTC Maximum is 50 BTC.
  • The payout is automated and the payout minimum is 0.001 Bitcoin.
  • One plan: Bitcoin doubled in 200 hours.

The Bottom Line/Our Thoughts is a fast hyip that comes with great ROI. It comes from an expert admin which allowed us to earn up to 0.5BTC in his previous project. It has been just officially widespread, so we are among the first to enter it.

Use this link to sign up, make a deposit and claim 3% of your deposit as a refback. How to start?

  1. Use our link to sign up
  2. Specify your wallet address with where you want your payouts to go.
  3. Get a wallet address to which you have to send your coins.
  4. Wait 200 hours after 3 confirmations of your amount and you will get your coins doubled.

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