Warantis.com- hyip scam☠︎

Hey, today we have one more project to test out. It has been launched not long ago and it comes with 3 interesting plans. It offers an instant cashback that is worth 30% of your deposit. Not bad, right?

About Warantis.com

According to the legend, Warantis.com is a group of leading experts in the field of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and automation of exchange instruments through the development of the latest technologies and self-learning algorithms. Warantis.com team consists of first-class traders, analysts, statisticians, engineers and risk management specialists. Thanks to Warantis.com experience and accumulated information, Warantis.com has created its own unique self-learning algorithm – Liken Logic.

This is a unique self-learning intelligence developed by Warantis.com team, which allows, at the moment, to earn on average from 9% to 18% profit per month on cryptocurrency trading. The algorithm is based on correlation, the algorithm contains all indicators of technical analysis and all available trading strategies. In other words, the algorithm analyzes and compares all available trading strategies for the selected period of time; reveals, by mathematical calculation, the most profitable strategy for a given market situation. Next, the robot automatically selects a trading strategy and opens trade, makes a profit. After the strategy stops working and making a profit, the robot closes the trade and fixes the profit. And the process of selecting a profitable strategy starts again.

In the future, profits can grow due to a self-learning algorithm or decrease due to the arrival of regulatory authorities on crypto exchanges. Therefore, the percentage of the investment offer may also change.

Key Warantis.com features

  • Min.withdrawal: $3 or 0.0003 BTC.
  • Min. deposit: 30 USD.
  • Closing a deposit up to 30 days – commission 10%.
  • 3 plans on offer: Start (Daily income is from 0.3% to 0.4% Deposit is from 30$ (0.003btc). Net profit per month ranges from 9% to 12%); Optimal (Daily income is from 0.4% to 0.5%; Deposit is from 300$ (0.03btc. Net profit per month ranges from 12% to 15%); Progressive (Daily income is from 0.5% to 0.6%. Deposit is from 3000$ (0.3btc). Net profit per month ranges from 15% to 18%)

The Botton Line/Our Thoughts

All in all, Warantis.com is a new hyip that has a good theme, carefully crafted site, rewarding and working plants and we think it can bring you solid earnings. It offers an instant cashback that is worth 30% of your deposit. Register using this link, make a deposit and claim +3% of your deposit back. Yes, that means 33% of cashback. Not bad, right? Cheers!

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