Oakfields.biz – hyip SCAM

Hey, we’ve just added another rewarding hyip to our investment portfolio. It’s been just launched, so, it’s the best time to enter it. Let’s check it out.

About Oakfields.biz

According to the legend, OakFields Estate is a full-time real estate investment company, undertaking investment and development projects across various sectors and geographies. Oakfields.biz is currently investing in various housing sectors such as apartments, houses, and condos in the UK. Sustainable returns are generated for investors by utilizing Oakfields.biz’s expertise in underwriting investments, building and managing them. Oakfields.biz is there to make a positive socio-economic impact in this world.

Thus, Oakfields Estate Incorporation LTD. is a private company registered in the UK which specializes in real estate investments across various parts of Europe. The company was established in 2010 after successfully merging with two renowned firms in Amsterdam and Budapest. From 2019, the company is open to public investors for investing in various real estate properties like houses, apartments, and condos.

Key Oakfields.biz features

  • 3 investment plans on offer, paying daily interests from 4.5% to 5.5% depending on the amount invested. All plans have a duration of 30 days after which you can re-invest again to continue receiving your earnings. The investment amounts range from $20 – $50000. You can withdraw your earnings anytime you want.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount for fiat processors like PM, Payeer is 1 USD. The minimum withdrawal amount for BTC, ETH is 5 USD.
  • Security options.
  • You can secure your account in various ways as follows: 1) Secondary Password – This is activated by default during registration. This secures your edit profile and withdrawal pages; 2) Two-Factor Authentication; 3) Security Question/Identity Check.
  • Two types of affiliate programs available. One is Regular affiliate and the other is the Representative program. The regular affiliate program offers 3 levels of commissions 6%, 2%, 1%, and the representative program offers 3 levels of commissions 8%,3% and 1%. Any new member automatically becomes a regular affiliate after registering an account in Oakfield estate. However, you need to apply separately for becoming a representative.

The Bottom Line/ Our Thoughts

All in all, Oakfields.biz is a newly launched hyip that offers 3 plans up to 5.5% DAILY for 30 days. Sign up with this link to get +3% of your deposit back. Cheers!

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