– hyip SCAM

Dear friends, now are examining an interesting hyip project themed around crypto-mining.


According to the legend, is an online crypto-mining service that lets you mine crypto and get different crypto: BTC, LTC, DBG, and others.

Key features

  • Detailed statistics and live dashboard.
  • 1TH/s of BTC mining costs 0.0025BTC /year; 1GH/s of DGB mining costs 502.454353DGB/year; 1GH/s of BTC mining costs 2.6583221776281665LTC /year. Price updated daily based on market demand and supply.
  • Deposits can take 5 minutes to 2 hours to take effect (after 2 confirmations).
  • Automatic withdrawal at 0.001 BTC. The pool distributes coins hourly. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal it will AUTOMATICALLY be sent to your wallet.
  • Register/login by saying which wallet you want to receive the mined coins in. Use multiple accounts for multiple coins.

The Bottom Line/ Our Thoughts is a hyip that is based on an online crypto-mining service that lets you mine crypto. It’s a new project and we are among the first to enter it. Start now! Choose your currency and start mining.

P.S. Register using this link and claim a 3% of your deposit as a refback.

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