– Hyip ☠︎ Scam, do not invest

Dear friends, today we have one more interesting project to test. This hyip is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and comes with up to 10% daily for 25 days. Interested? Let’s check it out.


According to the legend, LUCY is an artificial intelligence (Ai) Crypto-Company. It develops complex systems for Cryptocurrency trading especially with the focus on detecting pump-and-dump schemes. system can predict Telegram pump-and-dump schemes with up to 95% accuracy.

Key features:

  • Start: 12.05.19
  • Plans: there are two plans: Starter Plan and Business Plan
  • 4660+ investments
  • 15500+ successful payouts
  • Payment options: major payment systems.
  • Instant payouts.

Key Takeaways/ Our Thoughts

LUCY is an artificial intelligence (Ai) Crypto-Company that promises to triple your investment in just one month. It has a good-looking website, an AI-powered Telegram bot and great earning options. But, don’t forget it’s a hyip, so be sure to invest reasonably, not more than 15% of your investment budget.

Register by using this link and claim 3% of your deposit as a refback.

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