– hyip Problem, now the withdrawals became manual, it’s a sign of a scam

Hi there! Now, we’ve got one more interesting project to examine. It comes with instant withdrawals options and the possibility to get up to 8% daily.

About Node Bay LTD

According to the legend, it’s a company that invests in high-return networks such as: Birake, CloudNodes, GoldenFever, Carbon Zero, Fline, Beacon, SafeInsure, SMM, SpiderCoin, Prometheus59, Liquid Regenerative Medicine Coin and others. In addition, they claim to deal with arbitrage and trading of smaller altcoins.

Key Node features

  • Start:  17.05.19.
  • Income:  100% in 25 days.
  • Plans: 4 different plans on offer.
  • Withdrawals: instant
  • Referral program: 7-2-1%.
  • UK registration.

The Bottom Line/ Our Thoughts is an interesting hyip project that has just been launched. It comes with promising plans and it is likely to work at least several cycles. It’s best when you invest around 10-15% of your investment budget, not more since it’s a hyip and it can become scam any time, but on the other way, it can bring you 100% returns in 25 days. Will you dare to risk?

Register by using our link and your returns will become easily approachable. We will give your 3% of your deposit back.

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