Envestio – platform with 30+ investment options

Now we are going to examine one interesting hyip project that is extremely special. Wondering why? Let’s check it out

About Envestio

According to the legend:

Started as a private investment fund, now Envestio is a modern crowdinvesting platform, which offers new ways of making investments in traditional and innovative investment projects. Envestio offers investors premium level investment opportunities, which were carefully chosen from many applications and thoroughly studied by Envestio analytical team. Entrepreneurs from different industries can apply for structured financing at Envestio platform and quickly receive it from the pool of registered private investors. Envestio takes care of the transparent full-cycled fundraising process, and ensures honest and unbiased information exchange between all participants of every investment project.

Key Features:

  • 30+ active plans on offer with the average interest rate of 18.86 %. All of the projects are 90% secured, unlike regular crypto hyips.
  • Low entry level: the minimum amount of single investment is 1 EUR.
  • Payment options: only offline. At the moment, Envestio is not accepting credit cards as a mean of adding funds to Envestio investment account. Also, it is not possible to add funds by Western Union, crypto-currency, or any kind of electronic money transfer. We don’t accept third party funds, all Investor accounts must be funded from bank accounts of their owners.
  • Withdrawal terms: withdrawal up to 5 EUR costs 2 EUR, Withdrawal of 5 EUR and more is free. What makes it difficult for many investors is that you will need to verify your identity (upload your ID) to withdraw.
  • Easy to use website, with a detailed FAQ and they even have a blog!
  • Buypack guarantee: Envestio buyback guarantee means that any participant at any moment can sell an investment from his or her investment portfolio back to Envestio and instantly receive invested money back his or her investment.

The Bottom Line

Envestio is a serious investment project that can literally change your life. There are different investment opportunities on offer with rather solid %. Premium level investment opportunities with return up to 22%. All of the projects are 90% secured, unlike regular crypto hyips.

However, you will need to verify your account, provide your ID and residence proof. In addition, currently, it supports only wire bank transfers.

Register by our link and get a bonus on everything you invest for the next 9 months. It’s an initial 5 euro after you invest your first 100 euro, and 0.5% on everything you invest for the time being.

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