Tophats Farms Ltd- hyip SCAM☠︎

Now, we are going to examine the other hyip that has just appeared. It’s a rather promising project that can help you earn quite a lot. So, let’s take a more in-depth look at it.

About Tophats Farms

Once you enter the site, you’ll see its legend. They claim that they are about USA incorporation, domain extension and website redesign. But now they decided to enter the United States food market.

It’s a developing project and they are planning a redesign of their site as well. Meanwhile, now the site looks great, reliable and it’s rather easy to navigate.

Key Features

  • A serious approach of the site’s administration. The site is great, looks reliable, they devoted a part to tell about their technology they are claiming to use. Plus, they even have a blog and a Medium account! By the way, from their Medium account, we can see that they started on December 1, 2018.
  • Exciting tariffs on offer, up to 110% after 5 days. Check out:
  • 4 payment options: BTC, ETH, Payeer and Perfect Money. So, you have what to choose from.
  • They claim to offer an insuarance aggreement that can protect your funds.

Are there any risks being involved, can i loose my initial deposit?
Area of high profit investments always implies having certain risks involved. It is important to understand that purchasing any digital funds equivalent at Tophats Farms Platform involves reasonable risks. However, Tophats Farms Limited has developed a unique multi-level insuring system where 7% of all deposited funds are transferred to worldwide Insurance Company – Allianz. This amount is deducted automatically from our profits and does not affect profits of our investors. The only type of risk that should be taken into account is force major that is not linked with bitcoin currency rate, namely natural disasters (flood, fire, hurricane etc.). Certificate of Insurance (CIO) can also be found and checked by the number of COI-005612580 on home page.

  • 4 payment options: BTC, ETH, Payeer and Perfect Money. So, you have what to choose from.
  • Referral options: Level 1 – 5% of the amount of your partner’s deposit, Level 2 – 3%, Level 3 – 1%, and Level 4 – 1%. But If you become a regional partner, then the referral program for you will be Representative: Level 1 – 7%, Level 2 – 5%, Level 3 – 2%, and Level 4 – 1%.
  • They even attached their “big customers and partners” logos. Of course, it’s a hyip and that are just words, but still looks rather solid, doesn’t it?

The Bottom Line

Tophats Farms is a developing project that comes with great investment opportunities. We can see that it’s only a developing project with a perspective, so now it’s the right time to enter it.

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