zeissbank.com – hyip SCAM☠︎

Dear investors, we have another hyip to review – Zeiss Finance LTD. Let’s check out this project and which opportunities it can bring to us.

About Zeissbank.com

From their site, we can see that Zeiss Finance LTD, registered in the UK in January 2019, presented on the Internet at zeissbank.com, is a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of finance, artificial intelligence, and banking.

There are 4 plans on offer, which offer the following:

Of course, we strictly do not recommend you choosing yearly programs, but the first plan (30 days) can bring you pretty solid amounts. The second one if invested now would work well as well. What makes these plans different from others in similar projects that you can take you deposit back before the due time, but you will need to pay the penalty. (25% penalty for the first plan and 50% for the 2nd plan)

Needless to add, the good feature about this hyip project that you can activate Two Factor Authentication for security reasons.

The Bottom Line

It’s a new project which can work for at least two or three months. You can try the 30-day deposit and you will gain up to 112.5%. The second tariff will help you earn up to 132%. Don’t choose the third or fouth plans as it is unlikely that the project will live so long.

Here’s a link to register.

By the way, the referral program consists of four levels: 9-3-2-1%, so you can earn money from friends invited, as well as from people, who have registered under the links of your friends! Happy earning!

Important: The site says that it does not support investors fro the US.

Please remember that we strictly prohibit any advertising campaigns in the United States or campaigns targeting US citizens.

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