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We have come across a great investment project you simply cannot afford yourself to pass by – Wondering why? Let’s find our below.

About Bondora

Being a leading peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform for investing in European non-bank personal loans, Bondora has gained an excellent reputation and has lots of followers.

Over 34,000 investors have already invested EUR 121 Million through Bondora and have received EUR 17 million in interest. Bondora has solid track record dating back to 2008, providing high returns to investors both in negative and in positive market conditions.

It’s very easy to get started and a perfect solution for an easy way to invest with high return without needing to set up the details of a diverse p2p portfolio.

There are some products to choose from.

You will appreciate the fact that there’s a flexibility to add or withdraw your funds when you want.

Bondora API

Bondora API allows you to access different data points of borrowers in greater detail than any of our other options available, you can then use this to create your own unique investment strategy. API allows you to include details such as income and obligations, employment, age, education and more in your loan selection process. However, to use the API, you will need advanced programming skills and a detailed plan of which of the numerous data points should be relevant to your very own strategy. The API is therefore only used by approximately one percent of the investors.

The Bottom Line

The project seems exciting to test out. The site is elegant, user-friendly and fun to navigate. There are many positive reviews on the internet as well. The products seem interesting to test out. Register and invest in the future of personal banking!

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